Cold Comfort for Kyoto?

This continues work done at ACE, in conjunction with them, looking at the issues arising from unconstrained adoption of air-conditioning in response to rising temperature because of climate change.  The original report and much of the subsequent dissemination was funded by Pilkington Energy Efficiency Trust.  January 2006 to July 2008.

Original report: Wu A and J Pett (2006) Cold Comfort for Kyoto? published by the Association for the Conservation of Energy.

Key areas: comfort in domestic buildings, influence of commercial experience on domestic take-up of air conditioning

Presentations and papers:
NCEUB Annual Meeting 20/09/2007 (pdf)
Paper for IEECB 2008 (pdf)
Presentation to Air Conditioning and the Low Carbon Challenge (Windsor 2008) 30/07/2008 (pdf)