Reports & Guidance 2000-2010

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Pett J (2009) Opportunities to Improve Hard To Treat Homes within CERT. Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes, London

Pett J (2009) Opportunities for Energy Suppliers to Improve Hard To Treat Homes within CERT. Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes, London

Pett J (2008) Fuel Poverty Carbon Footprint. Pett Projects, Norfolk. (pdf)

Haxeltine A, M van de Kerkhof, D Tabara, P Weaver, J Pett, F Zelli, K Bäckstrand, M Berk, F Cots, M Falaleeva, E Massey (2006) The ADAM Policy Appraisal Framework: Introduction and Guidance Prototype 1. First deliverable of WP P1 of the ADAM project. Tyndall Centre, Norwich.

Wu A & J Pett (2006) Cold Comfort for Kyoto? ACE, London  ACE-Research-2006-08-Cold-Comfort-for-Kyoto-full-report1 (pdf)

Smith W, A Wu & J Pett (2005) Rising Fuel Prices: the challenge for affordable warmth in hard to heat homes. ACE, London ACE-Research-2005-10-Rising-Fuel-Prices-full-report (pdf)

Pett J, P Guertler, M Hugh & Z Kaplan (2005) Invisible Property Investment [summary report]. ACE, London ACE-Research-2004-11-Asset-Value-Implications-of-Low-Energy-Offices-Invisible-Property-Investment-summary-report (pdf)

Kranzl, L, Stadler M, Resch G, Huber C, Haas, R, Ragwitz M., Brakhage A., Pett J., Guertler P., Gula A., Gula E., Sliz B., Figorski A., Bakos G, Tsioliaridou E., Joergensen K., Fernancdes, M (2005) Tools for the efficient design of RES & RUE promotion schemes; recommendations derived from the project Invert. Report of Work Phase 7 of the project INVERT. Energy Economics Group (EEG), Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria.

Pett, Jacky, Pedro Guertler, Mike Hugh and Winton Smith (2004) Invisible Property Investment ACE, London

Pett J, P Guertler & M Hugh (2004) Analysis of Stakeholder Behaviour: Report of workphase 4 of the project INVERT. EEG, Vienna University of Technology , Austria ACE-Research-2004-09-Report-on-Work-Phase-4-Analysis-of-Stakeholder-Behaviour-Report (pdf)

Pett J, P Guertler, M Hugh & Z Kaplan (2004) Asset Value Implications of Low Energy Offices – Phase 2 Report. ACE, London ACE-Research-2005-03-Asset-Value-Implications-of-Low-Energy-Offices-Phase-2-report (pdf)

Pett J & P Guertler (2004) User Behaviour in Energy Efficient Homes – Phase 2 Report. ACE, London ACE-Research-2004-03-User-Behaviour-in-Energy-Efficient-Homes-phase-2-report (pdf)

Pett J ( 2004) Affordable Warmth in Hard to Heat Homes: Progress Report. ACE, London ACE-Research-2004-03-Affordable-Warmth-in-Hard-to-Heat-Homes-progress-report2 (pdf)

Pett, Jacky and Pedro Guertler (2003) User Behaviour in Energy Efficient Homes; feasibility study ACE, London

Wade J, J Pett & L Ramsay (2003) Energy Efficiency in Commercial Offices: Assessing the Situation. ACE, London ACE-Research-2003-05-Energy-Efficiency-in-offices-Assessing-the-situation-report1 (pdf)

Wade J, J Pett & L Ramsay (2003) Energy Efficiency in Commercial Offices: Motivating Action. ACE, London ACE-Research-2003-05-Energy-Efficiency-in-offices-Motivating-Action-report (pdf)

Pett J (2002) Affordable Warmth in Hard to Heat Homes: Finding a Way Forward. ACE, London ACE-Research-2002-03-Affordable-Warmth-in-Hard-to-Heat-Homes-Finding-a-Way-Forward2

Pett JM (1999) Eco-efficiency of new housing developments. MSc dissertation, Imperial College London.

Manuals & websites

Pett J & L Ramsay (2003) Routes to Sustainability – A helping hand in making your organisation more sustainable. ACE, London and Places for People, Nottingham ACE-Research-2003-02-Routes-to-Sustainablilty1 (pdf)

Pett J & L Ramsay (2002) EcoLaw: A Guide to Environmental Regulation for Housing Associations. ACE, London ACE-Research-2002-08-Appreciate-you-words-or-actions-may-have-legal-implications-even-when-you-dont-realise-it-Flyer (EcoLaw flyer, pdf)

Pett J, L Ramsay & J Wade (2001) Directory of Energy Services for Housing Associations. ACE, London and Nottingham Community Housing Association, Nottingham ACE-Research-2001-12-Directory-of-Energy-Services-for-Housing-Associations-Handbook (pdf)